My Books

After almost five years of traveling on five different continents, I wrote my first book – 1000 Days of Spring.

Two years later, my second came out – 1000 Days of Summer.

In the first one I  wrote about my student days, about the days when I had a well paid job as a stockbroker, about going bankrupt, about turning my life around, about first ventures on the road with a backpack on my back, and about finding a way that I will follow in the years to come – by traveling.

I wrote about hitchhiking in numerous countries, sleeping in homes of strangers, camping on the side of the road, eating in supermarkets and drinking beer in parks, volunteering, many anecdotes that I encountered on the road, natural beauties that left me breathless, and about the beautiful people that I met on the way.

I wrote about love.

In the second one I wrote about my biggest trip, the one around the world. I spent almost 1000 days hitchhiking around the world, following summer, on $10 a day.

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