1000 Days of Summer

This is not a typical travel book. It’s not an autobiography either. And it’s definitely not a travel guide. We may call this is a literary guidepost which helps the reader to find his way to happiness. Just like in his first book “1000 days of spring”, this time as well Tomislav shares his entertaining and inspirational travel experiences very honestly and selflessly. He doesn’t tell us how this journey to freedom looks like or how long it is, but he does suggest where we might look for its beginning and encourages us to find it.

While most of us live our lives on house-to- work relation, Tomislav simply refuses to be part of such an imposed template. Life is too short to live it to other people’s standards. And while we repeat the excuses for our life routine, Tomislav assures us that even with only $10 dollars a day we can discover that the world, as well as life, is much greater than we know it.


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