After almost five years of traveling on five different continents, I wrote a book.

1000 days of spring

If you wish to buy the book, you can do it here: BUY THE BOOK.

I was determined to put down everything I know about traveling, and with that, answer the questions that many people ask me for years:

  • How is it possible to travel with almost no money?
  • Is my way of traveling safe enough?
  • What are the worst, and the best moments on the road?
  • How can you earn money while traveling?
  • Where to look for sponsors?
  • How do you parents and friends react?
  • Why am I traveling in the first place?

Since its impossible to give a simple and short answers to those questions, I started answering them in the only way possible – by telling my life story. In a way that is much detailed, comprehensive and intimate from the one that I shared with people via my FB page, for years.

I wrote about my student days, about the days when I had a well paid job as a stockbroker, about going bankrupt, about turning my life around, about first ventures on the road with a backpack on my back, and about finding a way that I will follow in the years to come – by traveling.

I wrote about hitchhiking in numerous countries, sleeping in homes of strangers, camping on the side of the road, eating in supermarkets and drinking beer in parks, volunteering, many anecdotes that I encountered on the road, natural beauties that left me breathless, and about the beautiful people that I met on the way.

I wrote about love.

Even though the plan was to write mostly about my last, biggest, and longest trip – 1000 Days of Summer, when I came to page hundred-and-something, I realised that I haven’t even started writing about that part of my life, that I have so much to say about everything that preceded it.

And since spring precedes summer, and since all the events in the book took place (almost) in thousand days time, the book got its obvious title – 1000 Days of Spring.

After I came back to Croatia, I launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign in which I collected enough money for lecture, design, printing, and even translating book to English. People that followed my travel adventures for years were supportive and made it possible for my biggest project so far to be born. 1000 Days of Spring was published, and I became a writer.

Since I was a self-published author, I organized a tour with my book – I went to 30 cities in Croatia and neighbouring countries, where I held multimedia lectures and presentations of my book, in front of 4,000 people altogether.

And it was amazing.


Little by little I started receiving book reviews, and it seemed like people were satisfied with what I have created (you can check reviews of “1000 Days of Spring HERE), and some people even took it with them on their travels, and recorded its first travel steps.


And thats the story of my first book.

I already started writing my second one, and for everyone that wants to get their copy of “1000 Days of Spring”, you can also order it here: BUY THE BOOK.

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